Three (3) purposeful things to do with your Jamb Score if you want to gain admission.

Your JAMB SCORE whether high or low remains validly useful and could avail you the opportunity for admission into any school of your choice.
Over the years, I have seen Jambites stay in earnest expectation of Jamb exam result. The way it is expected makes it seem like something is urgently needed to be done with this result; and of course something urgently needs to be done with it but quite unfortunately many [90 – 95 %] of folks who get their result end up not doing anything with it until it is time for post UTME. I was once a victim of this because this post was not made available for my consumption until I have to make it for you.

May I be blunt to tell you that whatever a man takes his time to anticipate, if not for use either marks the man as insane, confused or purposeless and am sure you are not in this category.

Probably I suspect that until now you have not yet arrived at what you might use your awaiting or just released jamb score for except to take another turn of waiting for PUTME or and admission.

No worries I have penned down for you a complete guide on

three [3] purposeful things you need to do with your Jamb Score if you want to gain admission into the higher institution of your choice.

Appreciate your performance:

it is good that whatever turns to be your score high or low even none in case of cancellation be appreciated. Do not loose attitude of gratitude to God and yourself. You just have to admit that you did tried though you may never have done so well. Thank God for the result, encourage yourself on your performance and stay hopeful as hope is the ingredient for a fruitful and happy life.

Analyze your score:

whatever you have scored, that is your score for use or misuse through the next academic section thus, it is good to maximize this usefully as much as possible. Using the yard stick below

Inquire what minimum cutoff is placed by your school of choice;

this is very important to ascertain that you would be qualified to sit for their Post UTME.
If your score qualifies you for PUTME, congratulations! but if not, you may have to quickly visit Jamb office and apply for change of school, changing to a school that would accept you at your performance level.

Inquire what cutoff is placed on your course by the intended school and confirm if your score would qualify writing for the chosen course.

If your score qualifies for your course congratulations! but if not, you may have to quickly visit Jamb office and apply for change of course changing to a course that would accept you at your performance level.

Performance Comparison:

Compare the scores of your colleagues going for the same course you have applied for, and may be the same school also. Do not forget that the basis of your admission result is on average of all your individual result [Jamb, PUTME, Waec] put together. Incase on this performance comparison, you discovered that your score is far below what your rivals have made, I suggest you need to have a rethink and opt for another course so as to improve your chances of admission.
If unfortunately, your jamb result could not qualify for any of your preferred institution, you actually have not turned a failure, of course you failed but failure is only an event and not final. It does not hinder a great future, you thus must have to wake up and start on time to prepare for the next opportunity that would definitely come your way again.

Do I opine to direct you off your dream course and profession – the answer is NO!
I opine that you have to maximize your score not as though against your dream but, you need to get into school first.
Based on statistics, 60% of those who stay back after Jamb finds their hand on some other things (work or skill building) and this distracts them from committing to better performance in subsequent exams. 20 % of those who opt to re-sit for jamb exams loose interest in preparatory lessons and this deteriorates their preparedness thus it is recommended that you get into campus first, work had on your first academic year to achieve GP of well between 4.5 to 5.0 and this automatically qualifies you for a change of course landing you back to your dream course and profession.

If you must stay back for another Jamb, it is advisable that you enroll for a pre-degree program (popularly known as pre-science) run by the institution you admire to be admitted into; this will go a long way in keeping you fit for excellent performance in the next Jamb as well as going you double chances of admission into school.

Successful Admission is my wish for you.
Keep reading – readers are leaders.
Never quit, winners never quit and quitters never win.

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